March of Empires: War of Lords – Playing war games review

March of Empires: War of Lords – Playing war games review
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March of Empires: War of Lords – Playing war games review. Get on the nerves to welcome the era of the Middle Ages, where you will step on the fires of the enemy in the task of conquering all forces!

Fortify the castle, train the army and join the ultimate global domination MMO! But as the Middle Ages developed, you would fight with the mighty powers, and the throne had only one king! Are you strong enough to unify a mountain under a bridge? Or will you stand looking at the ruined kingdom?


Armed warfare, construction of works, fighting with Barbarians, conquering territories and reconstructing the daily balance of power.

Every centimeter of the medieval realm is as real as the great graphics of every detail.


Choose to be Highland King, Northern Sun Sa Sa or King Sa Pa.

Each army has an advantage focusing on a particular game: Build a kingdom, attack with a pioneering knight or firmly defend the medieval civilization from invasion.


• Battles and invasions to increase your global prestige every day.
• Unlock special powers and rewards as the army seizes more land.

Strengthens the defense to repel enemy invasions.

Find your way to the throne to become the Great God!

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Choose a special fighter – from the noble knight to the barbarian Viking – to lead the army and help build the medieval kingdom.

Find and equip equipment to enhance your skills.

• Order the heroic knights and adventurers to set out on their quest to find the treasure to open the way to the throne.


• Build national projects to bring benefits to you and many allies.
• Establishing prosperous trade centers, building sacred shrines and fighting for treasure.


• The wise king selects carefully! The easterners are not equal.
• Timely and disciplined ordering to take advantage of constantly changing opportunities.

Global Globalization Promotion:

• The Alliance management system makes it easier to organize alliances.
• Talk to the other alliances to open the way to the throne. In this MMO world, help is also many that betrayed also many …
• Chat with other players to set up friendship or fight with your opponent.


• Captured five extremely fortified castles that hold five seats: Governor Chair, Hero Chair, War Chair, Obligated Chair and Chair of the Agreement.
• Each Chair gives the Union its special interests and ability to enact World Change Policies.
• All players can participate because the player of the Kingdom is the one who will vote for the Policy!
• Raise diplomacy and strategy to new heights as your Alliance must negotiate with your opponents and players in general to win the votes needed to pass on the Policy you want.
• The center of all lies in the Power Throne, the only one player to sit on that throne to use absolute power!

The castle holds the important throne, each with its own special influence over the entire kingdom that only a new Union can hold.

For fans who love MMO tactics, Bang bang, mission-critical, kingly and global domination games.

Download now to find your way to the throne!

March of Empires: War of Lords – Playing war games review
5 (100%) 1 vote

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